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Benefits of having technology partner to deliver Digital Transformation

Most transformation attempts fall short of expectations because they aren’t transformational in nature.

Digital business transformations do not include:

  • Upgrading back-office ERP systems.
  • Developing new digital experiences.
  • Transferring old applications to the cloud.

These, on the other hand, are just temporary competitive advantages that your rivals will soon overtake.

In order to have a significant impact, business changes need to be tied to results – they must help your company move away from where it was. Furthermore, they must be in sync with the new direction you’re taking. As a result, having a business transformation plan is needed; it must convert your company into a digital firm that constantly delivers new value and improves customer outcomes via the use of technology.

As a result, working with a digital transformation partner is a smart idea. A digital transformation partner has expertise navigating the digital transformation environment and can help guarantee your project has the greatest chance of success.

What are the things to think about before embarking on a digital transformation project?

Here are the main success criteria for digital transformations, starting with the most important:

  • The strategy has established the outcomes of business transformation and has outlined why, what, as well as how they will be achieved.
  • The C-suite is the digital transformation’s engine room, and a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) coordinates the resources, financing, and connections needed to put the digital transformation into action.
  • A staged, iterative approach to projects with defined goals and objectives that produce verifiable results and incremental value is how the company approaches change and development.
  • Talented staff – the management staff has selected and made available the most competent, skilled personnel to lead the change program.

What knowledge and abilities are needed to bring about digital transformation?

It takes a diverse set of talents to successfully deliver digital transformation programs. The capacity to manage organisational dynamics is a must for transformation leaders. They also require digital skills and a digital attitude.

Additionally, they should be able to show perseverance, pragmatism, resilience, and cooperation while also taking part in critical thinking and creative problem solving, these are all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Businesses often lack the requisite mix of skills or underestimate the knowledge and experience of the people needed to achieve effective results from digital transformation initiatives. – For the 70% of transitions that fail, organisations’ attempts to develop digital skills in-house may (in part) be blamed.

An organisation’s digital capabilities must be evaluated in light of these questions: Is this really our core competency?

To acquire the necessary skills, do we have the resources — both in terms of time and money?

Maybe we should choose a partner that has a proven track record of producing quantifiable results?

What sort of digital transformation services are you looking for from your business partner?

Partners are more important than ever in today’s technologically changing environment. A digital transformation program’s partners may offer substantial value in these important areas:

  • Strategy\sTechnology\sServices
  • Management of transformational change
  • Strategy

Strategy partners can aid in the development of your transformation strategy, as well as the mapping of your value dependence network and the identification of emerging strategic risks and opportunities.

Your strategy partners can help you identify the essential apps and services you’ll require to unlock new business value. This group can help you build up your company’s organisational structure and procedures for the transition.


Software partners provide the appropriate technology stack to enable your digital transformation. This company provides a comprehensive range of high-quality services for the development of large-scale digital applications.

Avoid working with software partners that haven’t delivered large-scale technological applications in the past.


Professional services providers may assist with developing your digital applications and/or with the addition of personnel to your organisation. If you don’t have the skills in-house, they can put together development teams, data integration teams, and migration teams for you.

Agile development and delivery may be shown by good service partners.

Management of transformational change

New digital apps and services can only be valuable if your company uses them and takes advantage of the new possibilities they provide. A change management partner is familiar with how people react to and interact with new technologies.

Work will become more specialised as a result of the new technology, and your employees will need to be educated and motivated to make the most of these changes. Otherwise, none of the anticipated advantages will materialise.

Choosing the best partner for digital transformation

Should a company have a Chief Digital Officer?” Two commonly posed questions are, “Shouldn’t the CEO be leading the transformation?”. An experienced, full-time CDO should be in charge of leading the change, in our opinion.

A transformation partner, on the other hand, does not take the position of the CDO. Ideally, the transformation partner will have experience in all four areas of strategy, technology, services, and change management, in addition to serving as the CDO’s trusted adviser.

Every technology vendor appears to be claiming to be an expert in digital transformation at the moment. However, this isn’t true for everyone. This does not translate into competence in digital transformation, even while many companies may claim to have past histories of helping customers develop new digital experiences.

If you desire to stand out from your competition, you need to use disruptive design thinking in your digital transformation plan. This requires companies to become more flexible and adaptive so that they are better equipped to accept new technologies and utilise them to better serve their customers.

To go from a traditional company to a digital one, you have to change everything.

You need to locate the appropriate transformation partner and ask them to assist you in building the future if you want to accelerate your company’s capacity to harness new technology. If you limit them to just helping you repair the present, you’ll never get the most out of their creative ability, and you’ll lag behind your competitors if you do.

True global digital business change can be designed, executed, accelerated, and scaled with the assistance of the appropriate digital transformation partner.

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