Case Studies

Olympus is a company renowned for technological innovation that is headquartered in Japan and was founded in 1919.

Business Challenge

Olympus Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Olympus Corporation, a company renowned for technological innovation that is headquartered in Japan and was founded in 1919. It is responsible for the marketing and distribution of Olympus products across its medical, consumer and scientific solutions businesses in Australia and New Zealand, and has approximately 400 employees across both countries.

The company’s purpose is to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by practicing and living their core values.

In 2013, Olympus ran their annual employee survey, and the survey results identified employee recognition and engagement as high priority opportunities for the company to address.

Achievers Employee Engagement Platform™

Olympus launched a Recognition & Reward program, ‘Shining Stars’ in 2014. The program was a more traditional one, primarily desktop-based and reliant on email communication for notifications. The program needed a refresh and reboot to increase uptake and engagement. The company identified the need to move to a more social, visible and collaborative technology-based solution that encouraged high-frequency recognition. In 2018, Olympus transitioned from their legacy platform to Achievers which also coincided with the launch of the company’s global values.

The Achievers platform was a more robust and user-friendly platform with an emphasis on social interactions. The platform’s social recognition user interface gave employees plenty of opportunities to like, comment and share images and gifs, with the Achievers smartphone application allowing employees to express themselves anytime on the go. The similarity to platforms like Facebook and Instagram struck a chord with the younger generation. The platform’s superior reporting and analytics dashboard helped managers and administrators identify gaps and communication opportunities giving them a comprehensive view of the program and overall engagement. The introduction of “Boost” – a function for employees to elevate a recognition by giving it points – further increased recognition frequency.

Three months post-launch, Olympus launched their annual awards on the platform, an activity that was managed offline in the past but by moving to the Achievers platform, Olympus achieved procedural efficiencies and saw greater staff engagement for what is a very important recognition and celebratory period for the organisation.

Business Impact

One year since partnering with Achievers, recognition activity has grown significantly and continues to rise.

Key statistics include:

  • 100% increase in total points-based recognition given
  • 102% increase in total recognition activity
  • 103% increase in total eCards sent
  • 189% increase in the number of people giving recognition

In addition, Olympus uses the employee analytics reports available through the system to gain real-time, actionable insight into employee sentiment within the organisation. With this data in hand, the team can proactively address issues that may require their attention while also suggesting additional opportunities for recognition at critical moments in the employment life-cycle.

By implementing the Achievers recognition solution, Olympus has been able to closely align its corporate values with its employee recognition and rewards program, maintain a fun and engaging work environment, and ultimately help solidify its culture of transparency and innovation.

Achievers Insight


Increase in the number of people giving recognition


Increase in total eCards sent


Increase in total recognition activity


Increase in total points-based recognition given

“Achievers has revolutionised the way we give and receive feedback within our organisation. I would highly recommend the Achievers platform to any organisation looking to embed a culture of reward and recognition. Since launching the new platform, there has been a 103% increase in eCards being sent, a 102% increase in total recognition activity and an increase in the favourable engagement score from 34% to 63%.”

Karen Blizzard
HR Manager, Olympus Australia