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Dynamics 365 CRM: The solution you didn’t know you needed

We understand that most business owners and managers can be spinning a multitude of plates. But, what if something came along to take that pressure off your hands? Freeing up valuable time and headspace for you to concentrate on what matters; running a smooth operation.  

Streamlining Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 might be your knight in shining pixels, the answer to your admin prayers, and your chief plate-spinner. 

It offers a new way of managing business processes, a more streamlined approach that encompasses a number of apps under one umbrella. 

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?  

Let’s break down your everyday business customer relationship management (CRM) tasks.  

Sales, marketing, customer service, project management, and field service. Often located in various software, platform,s and applications, each task is equally weighted in terms of importance to your business, and the time dedicated to each sadly doesn’t lessen as these functions and tasks mount up. 

Dynamics 365 integrates all of the data from these processes and contains it in one streamlined program. 

Under this umbrella exists several Microsoft apps which communicate with each other – enhancing the dynamism of this CRM software and providing a single source of truth for you to work with.  

  • For Sales – Gain a holistic view of your interactions with prospects and consumers so you/your team can plan your next communication with them. The whole sales process is simplified through intelligent automation, which frees up more time for engagement.  
  • For Marketing – Give your marketing efforts a boost by creating nurture campaigns, calculating lead scores, and gaining invaluable insights for the next steps to acquire and retain customers. Build a custom dashboard that provides real-time data analysis on your brand and marketing efforts.  
  •  For Customer Service – Tackle all the nitty-gritty aspects of customer service like complaints, returns, warranty claims (the list goes on) efficiently and effectively. Dynamics 365 Customer Service uses intelligent automation to help guide agents towards optimal outcomes. 

The list goes on, with Dynamics apps tailored for Project Management, ECommerce, Human Resources & Team collaboration, Finance and much more (we’ll uncover the varied Dynamics functionality that can support your business, in our monthly blog posts).  

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 do for you? 

Indeed, smoother business operations are a mega-win for most. But CRM solutions like Dynamics 365 can actually increase your profitability by streamlining your processes and allowing you to concentrate on maintaining crucial customer relationships, and focusing on developing your core product or service. 

With all the processes integrated, your time is freed up to maximise your growth opportunities and nurture precious sales leads. As aspects of the sales process are newly automated, you can reap the rewards of cost and time savings through operating more efficiently. 

And with each stage of the consumer journey clearly mapped out, you can track where they are in the funnel and supply them with the information they’ll be searching for. It’s like being at the right place, at the right time, all the time.  

Your Common Data Platform

But whichever apps and functionality you choose, Dynamics goes one step further than just hosting business functions – it’s your common data platform, meaning that data will be connected and shared between these apps and in turn, insights can be extracted and new opportunities unearthed. 

Clients of Digital ClouUK are already experiencing the benefits of an integrated CRM system. Phoenix Software LTD serves IT solutions to the Public Sector and noted the difference that implementing Dynamics has had on its operation… 

“Digital Cloud UK have presented a solution that now ensures users are notified via an automated email of any changes on their accounts. As a result of this, we have seen our teams working more collaboratively through the system and also Leads and Opportunities are picked up and progressed far quicker, ensuring our customer service levels are not compromised in any way.”
Fay Mercer, Phoenix Software Ltd.

At Digital Cloud UK, our clients are already saving an average of 10 hours a week in not pushing paper. What result could this have on your business?   

Ultimately, we exist to provide a centralised internal system for your business, personalised depending on your requirements. Unlike many CRM providers, Digital Cloud UK offers exceptional affordability for Dynamics licences, set-up and support packages – where you can spread the cost across and 12 month payments plans. We operate at your pace, implementing your tailored CRM in as little as 10 days if needed, or at a steadier speed for those that need enhanced tech support and guidance. 

We cut through the jargon for you, and offer digital solutions that just make sense.  

Get in touch with our friendly team now, to trial Dynamics 365 as a free demo.