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Dynamics 365 for Project Managers: The missing piece of the puzzle

What’s expected from Project Managers feels like no less than running a small city. You need top-notch organizational skills to oversee resources, meet deadlines, manage budgets and have the foresight to predict potential risks and bottlenecks.

Add in communicating with a team that’s spread across various sites and suddenly you’re up to your eyeballs in juggling operational management needs. 

The Challenges of being a Project Manager

As a Project Manager (PM) you could be running these many aspects of the job in a diverse mix of trades – construction, interiors, trades, etc. Yet, you’re unified by the same common challenges of the job.

  • Miscommunication – Between teams, suppliers, and the client. Without transparency between all the stakeholders, it’s easy for important information to get lost in translation and cause conflicts. 
  • Scope creeps – Clients change their minds, that’s a given. But without a paper trail to keep track of the adjustments, the project can spiral out of control. 
  • Time management The project needs to run to a precise schedule otherwise your business/client is losing out on potential returns. 
  • Keeping teams on the same page With teams spread far and wide, they need to have a full understanding of what’s expected of them – and what the ultimate end goal is – to make sure they’re working to the same expectation as you.
  • Finding the right PM software – It’s difficult to find software that meets your ever-changing needs and one that the whole team can get on board with. 

If these challenges sound familiar, you’re not alone. The majority of project managers have to jump these hurdles, and too often it results in the failure of projects. 

Leading the project and the team is your strong point; not being weighed down by paperwork. 

Around 44% of project managers don’t use any PM software. But implementing and understanding the right software can save hundreds of hours a year. 

With massive cost savings and projects that actually come to fruition, the solution is simpler than you think. 

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for Project Management

As the job title states, you need to be on top of your game as a PM. 

Think of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your PA. It exists to help your job become more streamlined. 


Interested? These are the benefits of the software: 

  • Optimises your resources – Anticipate resource demand and ensure the right resources are on the right projects. Gain more control over project progress through increased awareness of changes or tasks awaiting action. 
  • Forecasts profitability – Prioritise project-based sales opportunities with automated intelligence. And take control of your finances with powerful budgeting tools. By monitoring your budgeting process throughout the lifecycle of the project you can make necessary adjustments and understand how any changes will impact profitability. 
  • Increases employee productivity – Empower your service professionals to deliver their best work through collaborative tools. Contract management tasks are handled along with subcontractor interactions for the most complex of projects. 
  • Manages projects with confidence – Plan and deliver successful projects using a predictable and customer-centric service delivery model. Automated alerts keep you in the loop about pending deadlines, required approvals, and escalating costs. You’re one step ahead and able to squash issues before they happen. 
  • Flexible – Work Dynamics 365 around your schedule. Access role-specific information and perform data-entry tasks all from your desktop, laptop or mobile devices, which immediately makes it easier to keep up with your team. Cross-team communication is improved by 52% with the use of PM software. 
  • Innovates and Analyses – Drive innovation with an application that’s easy to tailor and connect to other apps and services you’re already using. And enhance the decision-making process through access to key metrics about the project, presented in jargon-free formats.

What Success Looks Like

Jen Harrison from Jen Harrison Ltd. – a firm which specialises in creating bespoke spaces for businesses and individuals – has also reaped the benefits of implementing CRM. 

Struggling with her priority list, she felt that everyday mundane tasks were prevailing over more important business functions.

“Recently my business developed in such a way that I was struggling on a day-to-day basis to manage my work projects and my leads in the way that I had done previously. The strain was starting to take its toll not just on my business world, but also on my personal life.” 

So, Digital Cloud UK implemented a formal CRM system by moving all her paper documents online. We also set up email automation to manage payment among suppliers. 

And the benefit for Jen has made a huge difference…

“I love the structure, I love the product, but more importantly Digesh is welcoming with all the support and questions I throw his way. My only regret is I wish I had done this a long time ago.”  

If you can relate to the hurdles we mentioned, or if you’d like to understand more about what Digital Cloud could do for you and your business, contact us for a free demo of Dynamics 365 for Project Managers.

We offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs, and we’re on hand to help with the technical side of things (but always at your pace).