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Meet the New Era of Estate Agents Using Dynamics 365 CRM

The UK is experiencing a mini-boom in property sales following Covid-19, fuelled by the pause in stamp duty, pent-up demand, and a shift in how we work. With house prices at a record high and inquiries from potential buyers up 75% from last year, estate agents have to react quickly to match demand. 

And this scenario is causing an overhaul in the traditional approach

Dynamics 365: Benefits for Estate Agents 

The nature of the job demands different dashboards for property/client information, and switching between the central property software and other systems can cause ‘dashboard fatigue’. Estate agents are tired of multiple passwords and adapting between platforms. 

They need visibility in one place. 

Dynamics 365 helps estate agents keep tabs on inquiries and leads from multiple sources (web, emails, property portals). There are also versions available for mobile phones and tablets, so you can keep track on the go. 

Key information can be shared with prospective buyers or vendors throughout the whole process and you’re able to clearly see the pipeline as it progresses. All are housed in one central system.

With property details readily available, you’re now freed up to focus on building client relationships. 

In summary, Dynamics 365 has the following benefits for estate agents: 

  • Create a formal process for tracking new business and gap opportunities – particularly important for smaller estate agencies
  • Keep track of inquiries and leads from multiple sources
  • Enables you to view the team’s performance and monitor the ‘pipeline’
  • Allows you to share important information and documents with prospective buyers or vendors throughout the whole process
  • Sets up regular invoicing for lettings and corporate landlords

How Dynamics 365 Aids the New Generation of Estate Agent

Although the above benefits can aid all estate agents, it’s the new generation of smaller agents that are better able to grab a piece of the pie. 

Notoriously competitive, saturated markets create high barriers to entry for those with a smaller property portfolio. However, this ‘downfall’ comes with its own merits; the industry has changed and those agents who are more agile can remain ahead of the curve. They’re not weighed down by traditional ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mindsets. Instead, they are reactive to change as they take a less rigid approach, and can offer a more personalised client experience which is vital in the new wave of CRM(customer relationship management).

In a booming housing market, clients expect more from their agents. With the introduction of the right software and tools, you’re able to build better relationships, fine-tune your service and carve out your own space in an overcrowded market. 

If you’re in the market for a centralised CRM system, Digital Cloud UK offers affordable pricing structures and payment plans so you can spread the cost over 6 or 12 months. Moreover, we’ll walk you through the software explaining its main features in a clear and readily understandable way. 

What success looks like

Kate Roe, founder of Roe and Co, a Bolton-based and independent estate agency came to us in the hope that we could build her a bespoke CRM system that would meet the individual needs of her startup estate agency. 

“Digital Cloud has helped me recently with a CRM system I need for my new residential sales business – Digesh has been extremely patient to say the least. I’ve really tested the system to make sure it’s 100% right and Digesh has ensured that he understood my business to make sure it does what it needs to do.”  – Kate Roe, Roe and Co. Residential Sales

To find out how Dynamics 365 can help your agency grow in a fast-changing market, contact us for a free demo of our bespoke Dynamics 365 CRM system, for Estate Agents.