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How is How is Microsoft Power Pages Licensed? Pages Licensed?

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Microsoft Power Pages is a new enterprise-grade platform for organizations to build and launch external self-service websites.

The new Power Pages design studio provides a no/low code way to create and deploy process-driven websites.

The design studio features a growing library of website templates for repeatable business scenarios, including handling applications and scheduling appointments. Dynamics 365 portal templates are also now available in Microsoft Power Pages, featuring templates for customer self-service, partners and field service.

With the general availability of Microsoft Power Pages in October 2022, Power Apps portals are now Microsoft Power Pages, and Microsoft has introduced a new licensing model to replace Power Apps portal licensing that offers greater flexibility.

Until 31st March 2023, customers can renew agreements using the existing Power Apps portals licensing model or transition to Microsoft Power Pages licensing.

From 1st April 2023, the Power Pages licence model will apply upon the expiry of a Power Apps portals agreement term.

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1. What’s New in Microsoft Power Pages Licensing?

1.1. Pay-as-you-go meter

This new option allows organisations to use an Azure subscription to pay for the actual number of unique portal users on a per-user/site/month basis rather than purchasing a usage capacity pack.

For scenarios where website usage is seasonal or consistently below the default user capacities, PAYG billing may provide the most cost-effective licensing choice. See the pricing detail below.

1.2. Authenticated users calculated monthly

Authenticated Power Pages users are now calculated as unique users who log into the website during a calendar month.

Even if a user logs in multiple times in a calendar month, they will be counted as one user.

In contrast, Power Apps login capacity counts the number of logins all unique users have on a website within 24 hours.

1.3. Anonymous portal usage

Now licensed as anonymous users per site/month, this replaces anonymous page views per month. Anonymous usage can be licensed on a subscription plan or a PAYG basis.

1.4. Includes Dataverse storage

Authenticated and anonymous PAYG licences include Dataverse capacity. Power Apps portals licensing plans do not include storage; each website consumes 1 GB of Dataverse storage. Keep reading for details of default storage capacities.

1.5. No base licensing required

Where Power Apps portals require either a Microsoft Dynamics 365 crm or Power Apps plan to be purchased as a base license, Power Pages licenses are available on a standalone basis.

2. How is Microsoft Power Pages Priced?

2.1.Subscription Plans

£150.80 for 100 users/site/month

  • Metered by unique users who log into a Power Pages website during a calendar month.
  • Authenticated users per website plans are sold in capacity packs of 100 and assigned at the environment level.
  • Tiered rate volume pricing will be available for 10,000+ and 100,000+ monthly users (from November).
  • The default Power Pages authenticated per user plan includes 5 GB Dataverse database storage capacity accrued to the tenant, 2 GB storage per authenticated user capacity pack with 16 GB Dataverse file storage per user capacity pack.
  • Includes access to authentication providers.
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£56.60 for 500 users/site/month

  • Unique users who access one or more anonymous pages of the website in a calendar month duration.
  • Plans are assigned at the environment level. Each anonymous user capacity credit allows one user to browse a Power Pages website for a calendar month.
  • Anonymous user capacity packs include 5 GB Dataverse database storage capacity per tenant, 500 MB database storage per user capacity pack and 4 GB file storage per user capacity pack.
  • Tiered rate volume pricing will be available for 10,000+ and 100,000+ monthly website users (from November).

2.2. Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Pay only when a user accesses a website.

£3 per user/site/month

  • Use an Azure subscription to pay for only the number of users who authenticate on a website each calendar month.
  • Includes access to authentication providers.
  • 1 GB Dataverse database storage and 1 GB Dataverse file storage per environment included.

£0.20 per user/site/month

  • Requires an Azure subscription.
  • Pay for only the number of users who browse a website anonymously each month.
  • 1 GB Dataverse database storage and 1 GB Dataverse file storage per environment included.

Reduced Power Pages pricing is available for education and non-profit customers.

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3. Additional Microsoft Power Pages licensing terms

Additional licensing detail about authenticated and anonymous users include:

  • For authenticated users, uniqueness is determined by the ID of the Dataverse contact record mapped to the user.
  • Anonymous user uniqueness is determined through a unique anonymous user ID stored in a browser cookie. If a user accesses a Power Pages site using different browsers or devices or removes browser cookies, a new anonymous user ID will be generated so subsequent visits would be counted as a separate user.
  • Accessing a website in trial or private mode or accessing login pages won’t be counted by the anonymous usage meter.
  • If a user accesses a site in both anonymous and authenticated modes during the same session or on the same day, they will only be counted as an authenticated user.
  • Power Pages authenticated and anonymous users can’t be used on a mix-and-match basis in the same environment.

Read Microsoft licensing FAQs and Power Page Meters covering authenticated and anonymous users for further information.

4. Microsoft Power Pages usage rights

Authenticated users licensed with Power Apps or Dynamics 365 receive usage rights for Microsoft Power Pages on the following basis.

  • Dynamics 365 enterprise apps – unlimited Power Pages websites mapped to the same D365 environment
  • Power Apps per app plan – one Power Pages website
  • Power Apps per user plan – unlimited Microsoft Power Pages website

Users with Power Apps per-user license or a Dynamics 365 enterprise license aren’t counted by the authentication meter.

5. Next steps

Power Pages offers the flexibility to deploy process-driven websites, choosing between a subscription plan or pay-as-you-go usage. Compared to Power Apps portals, Microsoft’s latest licensing model includes important changes to make portals more cost-effective. These include metering authenticated users within a calendar month rather than 24 hours and shifting anonymous usage metering from page views to unique website users per month.