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How to Bounce Back in 2021 – Starting with the Customer Experience

“97% of global consumers say customer service is important when remaining loyal to a brand…”

Think of your consumer self. Would you agree? At Digital Cloud UK we think it’s a stat you’d be crazy to ignore.

What’s more recent research has shown that 91% of consumers around the globe are loyal to brands who offer low effort interactions and 77% of have a more favourable view of brands that offer proactive customer service notifications. Today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before and to exceed those expectations, it’s critical to provide seamless customer experience.

It makes a lot of sense then, that customer experience really is the only thing that separates you from your competitors. But how do you maximise your customer service experience?

Investing in the customer experience

Having the right technology in place can help support your case management, customer experience, and retention, in a world where increasingly, putting a face to a name is the exception. Yet, surprisingly, only 4% of service organizations can solve a service inquiry using a single digital application.


At Digital Cloud UK, we believe that investing in technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help businesses like yours to bounce back in 2021 and remain competitive, by unifying customer knowledge into a single system, for a complete view of all your customer relationships, accessed via any channel and on any device. But that’s not the only benefit.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an all-encompassing suite of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that can help your organization to truly understand your customers, enabling you to personalize each customer service experience and optimize your agents’ productivity – earning you loyal customers, for life.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service CRM, has a wide range of functionality that can be tailored to your business, such as the ability to;

  • Track customer issues through cases
  • Record all interactions related to a case
  • Share customer information with other agents
  • Create queues and route cases to the right channels
  • Create and track service levels through service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Manage performance and productivity through reports and dashboards
  • Create and schedule services
  • Activate virtual chats
  • Manage conversations across channels, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service do for your business?

The primary objective of any CRM system should be to create a single source of truth about your customers, which is accessible across the platforms your business uses.

This single customer view can save your business valuable time and resources, and better equip you and your team to effectively leverage customer information to provide the optimum service experience. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, your time and resources are better spent on servicing your customers and using your enhanced knowledge base to provide a more personalised service.

Basic best CRM software also often lack case management functionality to support your customer facing teams. But with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, by combining guided case management tools with a total view of your customer, your agents can consistently reach successful customer outcomes.

Take a look at the top four areas in which your customers and your business can benefit from, by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service:

1. Earn Customer Loyalty

  • Increase brand loyalty and advocacy by providing personalised and contextual interactions across the customer journey, through any channel and from any device.
  • Keep customers engaged with progress on their support tickets through automated email notifications when cases are opened, updated and closed.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and turn complaints into opportunities, offering a level of customers service that competitors will find hard to match.

2. Enable Self-Service Solutions

  • Empower your customers to find answers and raise service issues whenever they need, via a secure, integrated web portal.
  • Automate self-service support with virtual agents that allow you to scale-up service, without additional resource.
  • Build peer-to-peer forums for community-led support so that customers can find answers before calling and build rich knowledge base portals for more high touch agent interactions, right through to field service when onsite help is needed.

3. Empower Your Teams

  • Microsoft 365 Customer Service empowers agents with all the resources they need to provide fast, effective and a more personalised service, using 360° customer views.
  • Save your agents time by using a single system, accessible online and onsite. And improve service delivery by avoiding customers needing to repeat themselves.
  • Utilise knowledge management, case routing and queue functionality to transform service delivery.

4. Stay Agile

  • Adjust at the pace of innovation through CRM dashboards and actionable insights that anticipate the rapidly changing needs of your customers and your brand.
  • Take the guesswork out of case resolution by leveraging AI-driven productivity tools that equip you and your team with the right information, at the right time, providing the right customer experience.
  • Capture timely customer feedback in CRM to assess service performance and take action if problems to drive further service improvements.

What can Digital Cloud UK do for you?

At Digital Cloud UK, we are delighted to be one of a handful of Manchester, Microsoft award-winning CRM providers offering a suite of capabilities that ensure your business can deliver the best customer service experience possible. Our client testimonials speak for themselves when it comes to our CRM systems that drive excellent customer service delivery. 

We provide CRM systems that power up your teams’ customer service, at affordable prices. Payments can be split over 6 to 12 months and we’ll always scope our service around your business’s needs.

We’re offering you a live, one-on-one walk-through of Dynamics 365 Customer Service to explore how it empowers your business with insights that personalise relationships, predict customer needs and manage cases more effectively.

Get in touch today to trial Dynamics 365 Customer Service as a free demo.

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