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The all new AI-Powered Co-pilot

The all new AI-Powered Co-pilot

In March Microsoft released what is called the next generation of AI product updates. Co-pilot can help write email responses to customers and create an email summary of a Teams meeting in Outlook. The meeting summary pulls in details from the seller’s CRM, such as product and pricing information, and combines them with insights from the recorded Teams call.

Over in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Co-pilot can draft “contextual answers” to customer queries via chat or email and provide an “interactive chat experience” for customer service agents that draws from knowledge bases as well as case history.

“AI-generated content is always clearly labelled, and users are encouraged to verify the accuracy before using it. When relevant, we also cite the sources from which the answer was retrieved to better enable the user to verify the accuracy of the response,” Lamanna said. “We have monitoring and controls in place to allow us to quickly respond with manual intervention in case any issues slip through the above lines of defence.” There’s nothing to prevent users from not taking the time to verify the content’s accuracy, of course. Time will tell whether that becomes an issue; studies on automation bias, or people’s tendency to place too much trust in AI, suggest that it might.

Fortunately, the rest of Co-pilot’s capabilities are less potentially problematic.

With Co-pilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing, marketers can receive suggestions about customer segments that they might not have previously considered and create target segments by describing the segment in their own words. They can also get ideas for email campaigns, typing in requests to see topics from Co-pilot, which generates them by pulling from an organization’s existing marketing emails.

Beyond the sales realm, Co-pilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s business management system, tries to streamline creating e-commerce product listings. Co-pilot can generate product attributes like colour, material and size with descriptions that can be tailored by adjusting things such as the tone of voice, format and length.

Co-pilot will be included in existing Dynamics 365 licenses like Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise at no additional cost, Microsoft says. preview will launch beginning March 6, with general availability to follow sometime down the line.

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