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What is Power Automate, and how does it work?

What is Power Automate, and how does it work?

Power Automate is a new enterprise solution from Microsoft that enables us to connect and synchronize all of our data analysis and applications fully automated to boost productivity and increase the efficiency of company operations.

Besides allowing users to automate processes and activities in a simple and straightforward manner, this web service also enables users to create a functioning flow without the need to write any code (or with a minimum code). Connecting two or more apps (whether from Office 365 or third parties) and performing actions that automate the most regular business operations is possible with Power Automate.

Some of the specialties of this tool include the ability to transfer data across systems, provide task reminders, support data from any API, and automate tasks from a local device.


What was the purpose of Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow was an Office 365 solution that was designed to increase worker productivity by automating numerous activities and bringing together diverse cloud apps and services. It was discontinued in 2016.

The development of these automated processes provided the opportunity to receive alerts, synchronise files, gather data, and other functions.

After much deliberation, Microsoft chose to rebrand the tool and include it into the Power Platform, where it is now part of the Microsoft Power Automate architecture.

What is Microsoft Power Automate, and how does it work?

Getting started with Power Automate is easy; all you need is an email account and a web browser to get started. It only requires a few moments to sign up for free, and you’ll be ready to go.

The software includes ready-to-use templates as well as suggestions for which apps should be connected together. The navigation is very straightforward, making it ideal for people with little or no programming experience or background.

Then you can create a flow that takes the information about a potential client and transfers it to Dynamics, capture tweets with specific parameters and retweet them automatically, save document attachments in emails to OneDrive or SharePoint, receive notifications on your mobile device, and so forth. The list goes on and on.

In Power Automate, what exactly are connectors?

Another significant benefit of Power Automate is its seamless connection with other Microsoft and third-party services. Because of this, the application includes over 300 preset connections, with the most notable of them being Sharepoint, Outlook, Mailchimp (for Gmail and other services), GitHub (for Dropbox), YouTube, and WordPress.

This list is continuously expanding, and it enables us to deal with data in both the cloud and on-premise environments. Additionally, if none of these connections meets our requirements, we may design a bespoke connector.

In order to properly understand them, we must first define three terms:


They are the ones who initiate the workflow process. It might be a new email, a new document stored on your computer, or a new movie uploaded to your YouTube channel. Each connection is equipped with at least one trigger.


As soon as the process has started, we must choose what activities will be taken next. For example, when we get an email from a particular individual, we may upload a file to OneDrive and initiate an approval procedure. Each flow is comprised of one or more activities.


Third, if we wish to connect two apps, the tool will prompt us for the credentials of each programme that we want to link. These are protected with Microsoft security and maybe simply removed if we want to do so in the future.


The advantages of using Microsoft Power Automate

Productivity should be increased.

You may design processes that save time for anything from small activities to large-scale systems. All of this is made possible by hundreds of preset connections, which ensure flawless integration.

Automation that is both faster and safer

The opportunity to allow all of the users you consider to establish secure processes is now within your grasp due to a guided experience that requires just code. This makes it possible to automate robotic operations more easily (RPA).

Workflows that are efficient

Because of the possibilities provided by Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to automate manual activities that consume a significant amount of time. This clears up more time for you to devote to other strategic activities that require a greater financial commitment.

Data may be shared and accessed with ease.

It is simple to transfer files using Microsoft Power Automate, which allows you to link the applications and build up a flow to copy files from one place to another using Power Automate’s 100+ data source connections, allowing your colleagues quick access to the information.

Working together on the same platform

A common data model (CDM) is integrated with Power Automate, which may be utilised for storing and maintaining business entities in one place. Workflows may be built up to gather data from various sources and store it in CDM, allowing for simple access to the information collected.

Increase the overall productivity of your staff.

When you use Microsoft Power Automate, you can save time, plan your day more effectively, and transform your staff into much more productive workers who can work smarter rather than harder, thus contributing to the company’s overall success.

What we do to assist

We begin by conducting a meticulous examination of your company and its existing operating procedures and processes. Our team of Dynamics 365 specialists will take the time to listen to your concerns and assist you in identifying the underlying problem. We develop a strategy in cooperation with your team and then work to implement and install any system you need in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

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