Microsoft Copilot for Security

The industry’s first generative AI solution will help security and IT professionals catch what others miss, move faster, and strengthen team expertise. Copilot is informed by large-scale data and threat intelligence, including more than 78 trillion security signals processed by Microsoft each day, and coupled with large language models to deliver tailored insights and guide next steps. With Copilot, you can protect at the speed and scale of AI and transform your security operations.

Microsoft Copilot for Enhancing the Security

Powerful new capabilities, new integrations, and industry-leading generative AI—generally available in April , 2024.

In our result for Security economic study, which shows that experienced security professionals are faster and more accurate when using Copilot, and they overwhelmingly want to continue using Copilot. The gains are truly amazing:

  • Experienced security analysts were 22% faster with Copilot.
  • They were 7% more accurate across all tasks when using Copilot.
  • And, most notably, 97% said they want to use Copilot the next time they do the same task.

This new study focuses on experienced security professionals and expands the randomised controlled trial we published last November, which focused on new-in-career security professionals. Both studies measured the effects on productivity when analysts performed security tasks using Copilot for Security compared to a control group that did not. The combined results of both studies demonstrate that everyone—across all levels of experience and types of expertise—can make gains in security with Copilot. When we put Copilot in the hands of security teams, we can break down barriers to entry and advancement, and improve the work experience for everyone. Copilot enables security for all.

Microsoft is also introducing a provisioned pay-as-you-go licensing model that makes Copilot for Security accessible to a wider range of organisations than any other solution on the market. With this flexible, consumption-based pricing model, you can get started quickly, then scale your usage and costs according to your needs and budget. Microsoft Copilot for Security will be available for purchase starting April, 2024. Connect with your account representative now so your organisation can be among the first to enjoy the incredible gains from Copilot for Security.

Microsoft Copilot for Security helps security and IT professionals amplify their skillsets, collaborate more effectively, see more, and respond faster.

As part of general availability, Copilot for Security includes the following new capabilities:

  • Custom promptbooks allow customers to create and save their own series of natural language prompts for common security workstreams and tasks.
  • Knowledge base integrations, in preview, empowers you to integrate Copilot for Security with your business context, so you can search and query over your proprietary content.
  • Multi-language support now allows Copilot to process prompts and respond in eight different languages with 25 languages supported in the interface.
  • Third-party integrations from global partners who are actively developing integrations and services.
  • Connect to your curated external attack surface from Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management to identify and analyse the most up-to-date information on your organisation’s external attack surface risks.
  • Microsoft Extra audit logs and diagnostic logs give additional insight for a security investigation or IT issue analysis of audit logs related to a specific user or event, summarised in natural language.
  • Usage reporting provides dashboard insights on how your teams use Copilot so that you can identify even more opportunities for optimisation.