Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics: Copilot Your Way to Business Success

We unpack the details about the dream-team combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 working together. These powerful technologies, both ground-breaking on their own, are revolutionising businesses when correctly implemented together.

When you’re in business, lack of expertise should never be a barrier to growth, especially when we’re talking about a tool whose insights and efficiency will make everyone’s job easier.

In this blog, we provide an overview of the Copilots within Dynamics 365, highlighting their capabilities and advantages, and demonstrate why they can be essential tools to increase productivity and profitability for SMBs and Enterprises.

Keep reading to learn more about the compelling advantages of AI for SMB and Enterprise businesses via Microsoft Copilot and how working with a partner like Digital Cloud UK can provide the guidance and implementation expertise you need to get up and running.

AI and Microsoft Dynamics: The New Dream Team

Businesses in the Dynamics 365 space understand the high-level benefits of the platform as a whole – improved business efficiency and productivity, enhanced customer relationships, scalability and flexibility, data security and compliance, and cost-effectiveness. But incorporating AI via Microsoft Copilot vastly amplifies the platform’s value.

Embedded within Dynamics 365, Copilot leverages large language models to understand a company’s data and workflows. This integration allows it to gather necessary information to gain insights and achieve better outcomes in less time.

A game-changer for Operations

More than any other area of a company, Copilot’s value in Operations is unmatched. Copilot is turning Operations teams into well-oiled machines with benefits from supply chain optimisation, predictive maintenance, and inventory management.

Below are just a few examples of what AI Copilots help businesses achieve within different departments:

  • Sales Copilot provides lead scoring, suggests personalised recommendations and communications with customers, as well as next-best action guidance.
  • Finance Copilot excels at invoice and expense prediction, risk mitigation, and anomaly detection and can even develop financial models.
  • Customer Service Copilot summarises conversations, uses automated responses to resolve issues faster, and recommends solutions.
  • Security Copilot improves detection and incident response while prioritising user privacy and feedback.
  • Customer Insights in Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing) is an AI-driven customer data platform that empowers marketing, sales, and service teams to deliver personalised customer experiences.