Dynamics 365

Non-Profit Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 non-profit accelerator and Common Data Model for Non-profit’s
help organisations eliminate data silos, enabling powerful insights into their data.

The showcase of Non-Profit Accelerator in Dynamics 365


Donation management

The sample dashboard for donations includes gift acknowledgements, tracking of individual and organisational pledges and gifts, one-time and recurring gifts, gifts in kind, and grant disbursements.


The non-profit accelerator can track all major stages of high-touch fundraising.

Awards management

Awards management data model and sample application including dockets, inquiries, requests, awards recommendations, reviews, reports, budgets, and disbursements.

Program delivery

Outcome and result model enables nonprofits to efficiently deliver on their missions, measure results, and communicate impact that includes aligning beneficiaries and funds to the results framework.

Membership management

The Membership Category entity establishes membership levels and Membership entity that links Constituents to Membership Category, enabling the creation and tracking of membership over time.

IATI processes

IATI is a global campaign to create transparency in the records of how aid money is spent. The initiative hopes to ensure that aid money reaches its intended recipients with goals of improving standards of living worldwide and reducing poverty globally. Non-profit's can now record their fundraising and programmatic activities according to the IATI Organisational and Activity Standards, sync IATI non-embedded code lists with the non-profit accelerator, and generate IATI Organisation and Activity XML files from the non-profit accelerator.

Finance and CRM data integrator

Template data integrator tasks to connect non-profit accelerator constituents, donations, awards, and programs to Finance and Operations.

Case management

Provides building blocks for partners to aid program staff in tracking clients and cases tying cases to specific program goals.

Project management & program design

Build a complete delivery framework that tracks activities and progress to a theory of change assuring delivery of programs aligned to indicators and program objectives, budgets, and results.

Assessment management

Accurately, consistently, rapidly and efficiently record detailed observations and answer the who, where, what, how, and when questions critical to delivering nimble services

Nonprofit operations toolkit

Small non-profit's are able to centrally manage their award budgets, have workers enter time and expenses through a mobile application, approve submitted time and expenses, and track costs to the budget.

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