Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Digital Cloud UK, a leading IT company specialising in Dynamics 365 and website development. Before utilising our services, please review the following terms and conditions carefully. 

By accessing our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our services. 

  1. Services
  • We offer specialised services in Dynamics 365 implementation, customisation, and support, as well as website development, design, and maintenance. 
  1. Confidentiality
  • Any information shared with us during the course of our engagement will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent. 
  1. Intellectual Property
  • All intellectual property rights related to the services provided, including but not limited to software, applications, and website designs, remain the property of [Your Company Name] unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. 
  1. Billing and Payments
  • Our billing and payment terms will be clearly outlined in our service agreement and invoices. Any additional costs incurred during the project will be communicated to you in a transparent manner. 
  1. Project Timelines
  • We are committed to delivering projects within agreed-upon timelines. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances will be communicated promptly, and revised timelines will be mutually agreed upon. 
  1. Support and Maintenance
  • Our support and maintenance services are designed to ensure the continued functionality and security of the solutions we provide. Specific terms related to support and maintenance will be outlined in our service agreement. 
  1. Dispute Resolution
  • In the event of any disputes or disagreements, we are committed to resolving issues through constructive dialogue and mediation. 
  1. Termination
  • Either party may terminate the engagement in writing with reasonable notice, adhering to the termination clauses outlined in our service agreement. 
  1. Governing Law
  • These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The United Kingdom, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of [Your Jurisdiction]. 

By utilising our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

For any questions or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at info@digitalclouduk.com 

Thank you for choosing Digital Cloud UK for your Dynamics 365 and website development needs. We look forward to a successful collaboration. 

Digital Cloud UK, February 12th, 2024