Reduction in Human Error

One of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence is that it can significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy and precision

24x7 Availability

There are many studies that show humans are productive only about 3 to 4 hours in a day. Humans also need breaks and time offs to balance their work life and personal life

Digital Assistance

Some of the most technologically advanced companies engage with users using digital assistants, which eliminates the need for human personnel


Of Employees Perform Better with AI

4 Billion

Devices that enhance Productivity

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer for businesses across various industries. Microsoft Dynamics 365, a suite of business applications, has embraced the power of AI to enhance customer service, sales, marketing, and operational functions. In this article, we will explore the next generation of AI product updates in Dynamics 365 and how they can revolutionise the way businesses operate.

AI for Customer Service

Efficient customer service is crucial for any organisation aiming to build strong customer relationships. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights offers actionable insights into critical performance metrics, operational data, and emerging trends within the Dynamics 365 Customer Service organisation. With built-in dashboards, interactive charts, and visual filters, organisations can gain a comprehensive view of their support operations across various channels. This enables them to identify areas for improvement and quickly respond to key performance indicators and customer satisfaction levels.

Responsible AI by Design

As AI becomes more integrated into business applications, responsible AI deployment becomes paramount. Microsoft is committed to responsible AI by design, ensuring the safe and ethical use of AI technologies. This framework ensures that AI-powered features in Dynamics 365 adhere to privacy, security, and regulatory requirements.

AI for Sales

Sales professionals often spend a significant amount of time on administrative tasks, taking away valuable time they could spend building relationships with customers. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales streamlines the sales process by providing AI-powered assistance. Sellers can now leverage AI to automate email responses to customers and create email summaries of Teams meetings in Outlook. These meeting summaries are enriched with details from the seller’s CRM, such as product and pricing information, as well as insights from recorded Teams calls. By reducing time spent on email management, sellers can allocate more time to customer interactions, resulting in improved sales outcomes.

AI for Customer Insights and Marketing

Understanding customer behaviour and preferences is crucial for effective marketing strategies. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing empower marketers to simplify their workflow and create highly personalised and targeted campaigns.

With Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Insights, marketers can engage in a dialogue with their customer data platform using natural language. This AI-powered capability assists marketers in curating customer segments and provides suggestions for additional segments that may not have been previously considered. Additionally, marketers can use Dynamics 365 Co-pilot to generate fresh email campaign content based on key topics, existing marketing emails, and relevant internet sources. This ensures the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

AI for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Managing product listings for online commerce can be a time-consuming task. Dynamics 365 Co-pilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central simplifies the creation of product listings by leveraging AI capabilities. Product attributes such as colour, material, and size can be used to automatically generate compelling product descriptions for online storefronts. Marketers can further tailor these descriptions by choosing the tone of voice, format, and length that best aligns with their brand. Business Central customers using Shopify can seamlessly publish these products with descriptions to their Shopify store, saving time and effort.

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